Your Personal, Local EAP - Southwest EAP

Your Personal, Local EAP

Your Personal, Local EAP

Is Your Organization Struggling with these Issues?

  • Low employee morale
  • Co-worker conflict
  • Substance abuse concerns
  • Absenteeism
  • Crisis Response
  • Need for Supervisor and Manager training

If so, contact Terri Murphee, our Director of Operations, to discuss how Southwest EAP can help you today!

Arkansas Employee Assistance Program

Why Clients Choose Southwest EAP

Local Experience – we have a proven record of delivering proactive, hands-on services

Innovation – SWEAP is the only Arkansas member of a by-invitation-only EAP collaborative of companies across the U.S. This membership enables to offer new solutions faster than other EAPs in Arkansas.

Integration – Employing an HR model to create an active partnership with your company enables us to offer proactive, not reactive, services.

Focus on Quality – Merging our experience and commitment with your company’s needs. We are not a cookie-cutter solution, we’ll craft a program tailored to address your organization’s challenges.

ROI – SWEAP becomes a profit center for our client companies rather than just a benefit.