Your EAP and Evolving Technologies

The rapid pace of technological change – both what is available and how it is being used in the workplace – is a challenge and opportunity for HR managers and EAP partners.

New behavioral health apps, chat bot apps and assessments, video conferencing and online training tools are being introduced to the marketplace on a regular basis.

Younger workers are very comfortable with, and often highly reliant on, technology. These workers are used to getting what they are looking for quickly and easily from their phones, tablets or computers. An effective EAP should support this mindset and your organization by making it very easy to connect to the EAP and its resources. The EAP should offer multiple, easy ways to access services via an app, live online chat or video calling. This enables anyone to get the assistance they want, when they want it.

Other efforts at making the EAP more engaging can include online screening and assessments of mental health, stress levels, or lifestyle or online eLearning, webinars and podcasts on a variety of subjects.

Apps & Chat Bots – Challenge and Opportunity

The majority of EAP professionals have positive feelings about the potential of apps to help employees and to expand the level of service that EAPs can provide. However, there is also concern about exaggerated claims being made as to the level of service an app can deliver.

Ensuring that your EAP properly vets any apps that address the issues that appeal to your employees is wise and helps ensure effectiveness for overall employee well-being.

On-Demand Support

The need for quick and accessible support is a critical element of a successful EAP, and something we wholly embrace at Southwest EAP. We support today’s “always-on” workforce by providing convenient, 24/7 program access. Employees can take advantage of services face-to-face through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, telephone, and a resource-rich, mobile-optimized website.

Because we offer comprehensive work-life and well-being resources, we consistently see double-digit usage (twice the industry average), which means more employees are engaging program services and getting the help they need.

This year, Southwest EAP has launched Planwell Financial, a web-based financial wellness product, providing even greater resources, education and support for employees to help them better manage their financial lives.

This month, we’re launching an app-based well-being product from wayForward to help your employees deal with their stressors.