Behavioral Risk Management

Help control workplace risk & loss through Southwest EAP’s expert Behavioral Risk Management Solutions. For over 30 years, Southwest EAP has assisted companies in dealing with inappropriate workplace behavior, which annually costs employers millions in lost productivity, damages & legal expenses. These behavioral risks can be prevented or lessened by implementing policies & programs to identify & manage interpersonal and organizational risk factors.

Behavioral Risk Management Consultation & Interventions

  • Threat Management & Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Southwest EAP can assist your business in the early detection & prevention of dangerous situations with training & consultation on awareness & tactics to defuse and prevent conflicts from escalating to violence.

  • Workplace Discrimination, Diversity & Harassment Prevention

Southwest EAP provides analysis & identification of areas of concern & potential liability such as sexual harassment & workplace discrimination.  Training and/or consultation to address identified problem areas is also available. 

  • Impaired Executive Intervention

American businesses lose over $100 billion annually due to the effects of employee substance abuse & dependency.  The risks to your business increase exponentially when a substance-dependent employee holds an executive position.  Southwest EAP’s Executive Intervention process helps your company identify risks early before major loss or damage in the workplace has occurred, and provides treatment & follow-up care.

  • Drug Free Workplace Programs & DOT Compliance

Southwest EAP works with your business to limit exposure to liability issues in coordination with your drug screening programs.  We provide assessment, treatment & follow-up care to employees identified through screening, as well as workplace alcohol & chemical dependency issues training for supervisors and educational information for employees.

Southwest EAP’s workplace alcohol & chemical dependency issues development training for supervisors and ongoing education for supervisors & employees meet all the DOT regulations outlined in 49 CFR 40.  Training for supervisors includes training in Reasonable Suspicion Testing in compliance with DOT requirements.

In addition, Southwest EAP provides the various services required to meet all DOT regulations regarding employees’ return to work after a positive drug screen.

  • Substance Abuse Professional Services

Southwest EAP provides assessment, treatment and follow-up care to employees who are identified through drug screening.  This includes Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services as described by DOT regulations in 49 CFR 40.

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Southwest EAP provides the employee counseling services needed in the aftermath of traumatic events, such as a community tragedy, a death, a serious accident in the workplace, or a reduction in force.  Employee counseling services assist employees in working through traumatic situations to maintain employee health & well-being, and restore workplace normalcy & productivity as quickly as possible.

  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Southwest EAP’s Fitness for Duty Evaluations maintain the balance between employees’ rights & well-being and concerns regarding workplace safety & productivity. Fitness for Duty Evaluations include professional assessment & evaluation, accomplished through testing and face-to-face intervention.

  • Reduction in Force Support

Southwest EAP provides your business with assistance in best-practice Reduction in Force (RIF) procedures, to avoid liability and ensure compliance with all state and federal statutes, including WARN, ERISA, ADEA, and OWBPA.  Employee counseling services are also offered as a part of our RIF support.