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Management/Supervisor Consultation Services

Management/Supervisor Consultation Services

Managers and supervisors play an integral role in any company, and they are tasked with handling an ever-expanding set of concerns. Southwest EAP is available for unlimited consultations to assess these concerns and discuss options with leadership in your organization. We are available for coaching and to suggest options for a variety of concerns, including:

  • What to do if you suspect an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work
  • Facilitating organizational change, such as layoffs, mergers and high staff turnover
  • How to support employees who aren’t getting along
  • Dealing with frustration about certain employees
  • Addressing concerns about employee violence, suicide, or other behavioral concerns in the workplace
  • Appropriate responses when an employee crosses personal boundaries
  • Promoting the availability of EAP services

Southwest EAP services redirect employee personnel challenges and difficult workplace issues to the EAP. This leaves managers free to manage. We also offer critical and emergent support services. If a crisis or tragedy occurs that has an impact on employees, we have counselors available to help support your staff. An important component to this service is helping managers recognize their role in helping employees and recognizing when to make a referral to Southwest EAP.

Onsite conflict resolution/mediation

Mediation Program

Conflict is an inevitable part of any workforce. Unfortunately, disputes among colleagues can be disruptive and often result in reduced productivity. They can also have a substantial impact on the budget. With a price tag of $10,000 to $50,000 just to prepare for a discrimination case, employers must take conflict seriously. Add in that the average cost of defending an employment claim is $130,000, and finding a solution that doesn’t entail a lawsuit is clearly the way to go.

Workplace mediation is a way to address disputes quickly, confidentially and effectively without resorting to a court room.

Employee-Employee Conflict: With Southwest EPA Mediation Services, our mediator will facilitate a discussion so that both employees can better recognize the other person’s perspective and determine ways to resolve the dispute. Employees gain better communication skills while proactively finding agreeable solutions. Both parties feel heard in a safe environment, have their concerns validated, and discover more effective ways to interact with colleagues.

Group or Department Conflict: Southwest EPA Mediation Services also provides mediators when there is conflict among multiple staff members. Our professionals educate employees about healthy ways to communicate and also help them work through their problems in a discussion format. Staff meet in a safe group setting to discuss the points of tension and problem-solve alternative ways to handle the conflict.

Some of the issues Southwest EPA Mediation Services can assist you with include:

Management Disputes * Sexual Harassment * Discrimination * Disputes Between Supervisors and Employees * Disputes Among Coworkers * Communication Style Differences * Terminations * Promotions

Benefits of a Mediation Service

  • Resolve conflicts before litigation
  • Improve employee morale and productivity
  • Decrease staff turnover
  • Minimize supervisor time spent mitigating conflicts