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Crisis Response Services

Crisis Response Services

When a crisis affects your staff, we're here for you. Southwest EAP’s Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) services address the needs of your employees in the event of a traumatic event. As part of our program, we provide:

  • Around-the-clock consultation and support services
  • On-site crisis debriefing
  • Support for companies who undergo a reduction in staff

CISD is a type of intervention for groups of people who have experienced a crisis situation. It attempts to address each phase of healing, and can be implemented with individuals, groups, organizations, families and communities. When your employees’ abilities to function are impacted, you can count on Southwest EAP’s 30 years of experience to assist.

Critical Incident Services

A critical incident at work is any event that has the power to cause a person or group of employees to experience unusually strong responses. Common critical incidents that we respond to include:

  • Substantial threats of violence
  • Disaster, such as earthquake, fire or flood
  • Death of a coworker
  • Workplace accidents that result in significant injury
  • Community tragedy
  • Downsizing or layoffs at work

Just as no two incidents are the same, neither are the needs of your staff. We tailor our program to meet the unique situations facing our clients. Some of the most requested services we offer are described below.

Pre-crisis preparation

We help organizations develop helpful procedures in the event of a crisis. These may include implementing stress reduction techniques, education about crisis situations, and planning for the aftermath of a traumatic event.


This tactic is used with small groups, and addresses the immediate well-being of staff members following a tragedy or crisis. We work to alleviate stress, assess the need for further mental health treatment, and form a sense of closure.

Support groups

We assemble ongoing support groups for discussion and processing after events.


In the hours following a tragedy, we put together small groups of people for confidential discussions. The group’s intent is to stabilize emotions and prevent the need for intense mental health interventions.


Other services we provide are one-on-one counseling, referrals, family interventions, and education for supervisors so that they can more effectively manage employees following a tragedy.

Benefits of Critical Incident Services

Following a tragedy, business owners may have several areas of concern. The most obvious one is employee morale. Naturally, we want employees to feel safe, comfortable and respected. Critical Incident Services goes a long way toward assuring such an outcome. We also want to reduce financial fallout. Research shows that employees who receive early intervention return to work 74 percent sooner than those who do not. Litigation rates decrease by 86 percent with employee-provided treatment, and the average cost per case lessens by 81 percent.

Southwest EAP

Southwest EAP delivers multi-pronged incident services to address the needs of those impacted by a crisis. Specially trained Southwest EAP staff help employees access important resources to mitigate the impact of difficult situations. If your company would like to discuss ways we can serve you, please contact us by phone at 1-800-777-1797 or through email at