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Reasons for EAP Use in 2019

Every year, we collect and analyze data from our client roster. From this data, we can share with you our insights and highlight trends to help you gauge your organization’s employee engagement and wellbeing effectiveness. You can also use this data to help ensure that we are working together to provide the most value from […]

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Mental Illness Wellbeing Health

A Need To Clarify How We Talk About Wellbeing vs. Mental Health vs. Mental Illness

Unfortunately, many people casually use mental illness terms to describe certain situations. For example, someone saying, “I’m so OCD!” when they insist upon having a clean workspace or saying, “I was so depressed when March Madness was canceled,” to describe feelings of disappointment. These casual statements misrepresent the important differences that exist among emotional wellbeing, […]

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helping your workforce during covid 19

Helping Your Workforce During COVID-19

As you make changes to your operations to accommodate and support your teams for health and safety reasons, there is a wide range of impacts this crisis will have on your workforce. Based on the conversations we are having across our client base – including municipalities, small businesses, hospitals and clinics – we put together […]

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Leading By Example Is Key To Being A Good Role Model

Being a role model is leading by example.  Regarding your role at work, most behaviors fall under these headings: 1. How you prioritize your work and where you put your focus; 2. Your attitude and demeanor, and communication style; 3. Taking care of yourself, work-life balance, dress, exercise, use of leave, and work hours; 4. […]

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