Program Management Services

In addition to providing a full range of Employee Assistance Program services for your business, Southwest EAP provides management for your EAP and assessment tools to measure its effectiveness.

These include:

  • EAP policy development and/or review

  • Quarterly computer based evaluation reports to measure the effectiveness of the program and identify areas of need

  • Designated account managers

  • Annual client/employee satisfaction surveys

Your EAP Management Team

Business leaders expect results. When you invest in your employees through an EAP Program you expect to see a return on your investment. An EAP Account Manager works with a specially-selected management team and your representatives to not only design and implement a strategic plan, but also to measure outcomes, provide reports and recalibrate offerings as needed to meet objectives. A strong EAP policy provides significant competitive advantage and it is upon this manager to assure that the policies are delivering results.

Southwest EAP provides a dedicated account management team to manage the Employee Assistance Program for your Arkansas company. The team includes counselors, operations, and a designated account manager, who will meet with your representatives to assist in program planning, implementation, ongoing program management, utilization review, and strategic planning. These meetings enable Southwest EAP to create an active partnership with your company and ensure that we achieve the mutual goals & objectives of the program.

Building & Maintaining a results-based EAP

Our EAP programs include dynamic and customized online resources, counseling, and referrals. Work related stress, financial challenges, family concerns, substance abuse, health issues can drastically impact company productivity through distractions, absenteeism, tardiness, conflict and turnover and lowered morale. But our dedicated management teams assure that employees are aware of the offerings, that they know that these are services that their employer wants them to take advantage of and that use of the programs is completely confidential. Your EAP Manager regularly evaluates the program offerings to assure that the programs are addressing the unique needs within your workforce.

Program Implementation and Policy Development

The account management team works in consultation with your company to develop a custom employee assistance program. Meetings with management and designated employee groups help us to create a program that runs parallel to the philosophy, culture and current operating environment of your business. This can include the development of policies involving the Employee Assistance Program, formal referral policy and forms, drug and alcohol policies, critical incident responses, and workplace violence protocol.

Additionally, our EAP managers remain current with all related regulations and guidance to assure that programs are being run in the most ethical and legal way. Protection of your employees’ rights and privacy through compliance with agencies and laws: OSHA, HIPAA, DOT etc. are responsibilities that your account manager and the management team take very seriously.

Program Promotion Materials

The Comprehensive and on-going promotion of the Employee Assistance Program through the EAP management team is critical to achieving success and maximum benefit from your company’s EAP. To ensure a consistent awareness of the program and its benefits, Southwest EAP provides promotional material beginning with program implementation and continuing through the year, on a monthly & quarterly basis. Additional promotional material may be requested at any time, and can be customized upon request. Bi-lingual materials are also available.

Promotional material includes:

  • Introductory Letter

  • Brochures

  • Wallet Cards

  • Supervisor Handbook

  • Posters

  • SWEAP Work-Life Website

  • Employee Newsletter – Electronic (monthly) (hard copy by request)

  • Supervisor Newsletter – Electronic (monthly)

  • HR Newsletter - Electronic (quarterly)

  • Self-Assessments

  • Prevention Materials

Activity Reports and Review

Southwest EAP provides comprehensive quarterly & annual computer based evaluation reports to measure the effectiveness of your Employee Assistance Program. All data is compiled in aggregate form to ensure the confidentiality of your employees & their family members.

Your account manager will regularly review this report with company management. Reviews provide management with qualitative interpretation of the data, review of service delivery, analysis of activity, and summary of customer satisfaction, to ensure that your EAP is on track in meeting your goals & objectives. The ongoing joint review process also allows us to track trends and proactively address developing situations before they become problems or liability issues for your company.

As you can see, your account manager plays a vital role in the ongoing success of your programs. Our account managers are experienced and skilled in the administration of AEP policies and programs. They work with you to understand the unique challenges you and your employees face and act as a partner to assure that you are getting the results that you expect from your EAP.

Commonly asked questions about EAP Account Management

What is the role of my Account Manager?

Your account manager is a person provided by Southwest to manage the design, implementation, evaluation, reporting, analysis and adjustments of your EAP program to assure that it is meeting all regulatory requirements, aligning with your mission and culture and providing employees with the support they need and results that you require.

What part does our HR team have in this process?

Our account managers work closely with designated representatives from your company. Implementing a truly effective program within an organization requires a partnership between the Southwest account management team and your representatives.

How do we know if our EAP is a success?

Your account managers will provide you with regular reports and analysis. These reports will demonstrate the success of the program and may also reveal areas where improvements can be made.

How do we assure that our employees know about the EAP that is offered to them?

Your account manager regularly promotes the EAP throughout your organization to assure that employees who would benefit know how to access EAP resources.