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What We Do

Employee Assistance

Our Employee Assistance Program enables you to address employee problems and get your employees working efficiently. EAP Services include counseling, work/life services, management consultation and many other services

Behavioral Risk  

Changed behavior and healthier lifestyles lead to a more productive workplace. Our services include prevention, intervention, training and ongoing treatment services.

Training &

Your employees' and managers' productivity is directly tied to their knowledge, skills and motivation. Let us bring our wide-range of topics and training services to help your company.


Our crisis response services help reduce the impact and accelerate the recovery before harmful stress reactions have a chance to damage the health and well-being of those affected.

Who We Help


we have 30+ years experience working with cities, counties and state agencies on all types of employee challenges and issues.


from crisis response to employee productivity, we have worked with some of ARkansas' largest institutions to deliver measurable results and keep people productive. 


We provide counseling, crisis response and training services across ARkansas to all types of healthcare organizations from large hospitals to local clinics.

Small Business

Our eap services can be very affordable for even small companies to help manage high employee turnover costs and keep employees productive. 

About Us

For over 30 years Southwest EAP has helped companies and organizations across Arkansas improve employee work performance and well-being while decreasing risk factors and liability. We provide high-quality counseling for employees struggling with personal and work-related concerns. Our approach includes management consultation, risk management services, training and organizational development. We enable employers to be proactive in addressing workplace issues and help assure the increased effectiveness of your organization. 

What Customers Say

“Southwest EAP is always quick to go out to a branch if we have had an incident and do a debriefing with all of our associates. All we have to do is call them, and they’ll be there. And they will do all the individual follow-up necessary. It’s a real value to have our EAP local to our offices as we’ve grown.”

– Simmons Bank

“Southwest EAP has worked with us across many city departments in the 30 plus years we have worked with them. Trauma in the workplace can be so difficult, and they are always available to have someone come out to our facilities and to work with our folks. We rarely come up with an issue that they can’t find a resource to help with. They’re a wealth of knowledge. If they don’t know a solution, they’ll do their best to find one.”

– City of Little Rock

“We have looked at moving our EAP in-house several times, but we have never done it. Southwest EAP is just too much of a partner and resource to move away from.”

– Baptist Health

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