What We Do

Southwest EAP’s Work-Life Services assist employees with personal life issues that would otherwise distract them from work, such as child & elder care, education, financial & legal issues, and health issues.

Why Work-Life Services are Important

While the workplace mantra has long been - “leave it at home,” in referring to life challenges, employees have never actually left life concerns at home. Those concerns rob companies like yours of real money in the form of lost productivity. In fact, here are some statistics of which every employer should be aware:

  • American Companies lose $63.2 billion in productivity due to sleep-deprived workers, typically a result of work-life balance challenges.

  • Happy workers are 12% more productive

  • Multi-tasking, either juggling work-work or work-life decreases productivity by 40%

  • Telecommuters are 14% more productive than their office colleagues.

  • Replacing an employee who quits because of insurmountable work-life struggles can cost as much as 2x that employee’s annual salary.

These are not small losses. A strong EAP does not cost money; it saves it. An EAP can provide employees the support they need to stay fully productive at work because their lives are more manageable and balanced.

What These Programs Provide

The Work-Life Services component of Southwest EAP’s Employee

Assistance Program can help your employees:

  • Save time with personal life issues

  • Reduce workplace distractions & stress

  • Improve job satisfaction

Southwest EAP’s Work-Life Services can help your company:

  • Attract & retain valued employees

  • Reduce employee absenteeism

  • Improve employee focus

  • Build employee morale & loyalty

The primary point of access to Southwest EAP’s Work-Life Services is through our website, where employees will find:

  • Web-based access to over 5,000 work/life resources, articles, tips & links

  • 24/7 access to interactive self-assessments, tools & financial calculators

  • Online courses in areas such as communication, leadership & team building

Work-Life Services Offered

Southwest EAP can tailor a Work-Life Services component for your employee assistance program to meet the unique needs of your workforce. Addressing the issues most common to your employees through Work-Life Services allows you to reduce employee stress & create a happier and more productive workplace. Here are some of our programs.


Southwest EAP’s full service consultation and referral service provides a rapid & complete response to your employees’ work-life needs covering: child, elder care issues, finance, legal, addiction, health, grieving, crisis intervention, coaching. Employees can access the service via telephone or web 24/7 with guaranteed appointments. A trained EAP counselor will listen, discuss the employee unique challenges and provide confidential resource and referral recommendations to help the employee with the concern, with short term face-to-face available as needed.

Work-Life Kits –

Kits include books, tip sheets, CDs & videos all designed to address common life challenges, answer questions and help the employee navigate life issues, which he or she may not encounter everyday, in an effective way.

Identity Theft –

If an employee’s identity has been stolen this can easily consume their entire life as they work to restore their name and their credit. It’s much more common than you think. With this program, employees can receive expert consultation about how to quickly put their life back together while giving them the peace of mind that they can recover from an ID theft event.

Adoption Assistance –

Adoptive parents face specific struggles as they work with an often bureaucratic and cumbersome adoption system and there’s stress involved as they focus on making the child feel a part of their family. We can provide them with the guidance and support they need for a smooth transition.

Child Placement Services –

Finding quality childcare can be a challenge for any parent. We provide the research and resources to help parent locate the perfect childcare provider.

New Mother Assist –

We provide support for new mothers regarding parenting and return to work. Mothers choosing to breastfeed will find the support they need to make the right choice for their new child.

Wellness Programs -

If an employee isn’t well they can’t perform job duties. We provide comprehensive services related to behavioral and lifestyle changes, fitness, wellness in the form of lectures, classes, interactive online resources and personal coaching.

Financial Education -

Financial education resources help employees take charge of their finances and feel confident in their futures

Telework –

Telework is a great option to keep employees productive. Many businesses are realizing the benefits of making their entire teams telecommuters. Even if you are not ready to make that leap, we offer support and training to make the transition to telecommuting easy.

Personal Assist –

If you do not see a specific program listed, that does not mean that we can not provide a customize a solution to meet your company’s needs. We offer personal concierge services to provide time saving assistance on a wide variety of topics.

Ultimately, we share your goal of helping your workforce be the most productive they can be by offering them the support they need with life events. We customize our programs and services to meet unique employer and employee needs, so that every employee can focus and providing your business their all while they are on the job.